AurorA candles

About Aurora Candles

Aurora Candles stands as a beacon of unrivaled candle-making expertise, spanning three decades and tailored for discerning businesses. Passed down by Sri Lanka’s eminent candle artisan, our legacy recipe captivates senses and elevates ambiance, making us the choice for hotels, event organizers, and B2B operations seeking exquisite fragrances and lasting impressions.

Add fragrance to your events and venues.

A Passion for Fragrance

At Aurora Candles, we honor tradition while embracing innovation. Our dedication to the meticulous craft ensures each candle, carefully handcrafted, embodies the essence of sophistication and luxury, perfect for enhancing experiences at upscale establishments.

Global Reach Through Digital Transformation:

In the digital age, we extends its allure beyond borders. With a robust online presence and cutting-edge technology, we facilitate seamless B2B transactions, providing establishments globally access to our distinguished craftsmanship

Crafting Experiences, Fostering Memories:

Beyond ambiance, our candles elevate moments into cherished memories. Whether adorning hotel lobbies, enhancing event aesthetics, or as exquisite gifts, each Aurora candle signifies the art of creating unforgettable experiences.

Excellence in Quality, Commitment to Businesses:

Quality remains our hallmark. Each candle undergoes rigorous scrutiny, ensuring the highest standards for businesses. We promise not just a product but an experience that surpasses expectations, leaving a lasting impression on patrons and clients alike.

Join Us in Elevating Experiences:

We invite businesses to join us in crafting extraordinary experiences with Aurora Candles. Experience the fusion of tradition, innovation, and unparalleled fragrances tailored to elevate hospitality and event settings, leaving an indelible mark on guests and attendees.

As guardians of a cherished legacy, Aurora Candles remains committed to illuminating spaces and fostering lasting impressions for discerning businesses, setting the stage for unforgettable experiences worldwide.