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Pure English Lavender Premium Tealight Candles Multi Pack


Brand Shortie’s Candle Company
Color Purple
Product Dimensions 5″W x 6.5″H
Item Weight 0.31 Pounds
Number of Items 12
Scent English Lavender
Are Batteries Included No
Specific Uses For Product Aromatherapy
Shape Round
Material Paraffin Wax

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Pure English Lavender Premium Tealight Candles Multi Pack

About this item

  • Our English Lavender Tealight Candles feature a clear cup and are designed to provide beautiful bright light in all traditional tea light candle holders.
  • Made in the USA with natural and essential oils, and a clean burning natural fiber single lead free wick – completely non toxic!
  • Our English Lavender Tea lights are hand poured with our classic food grade natural paraffin wax blend for great scent throw.
  • All of our Floral tealights are highly scented and designed to burn all the way to the edge and bottom with a good scent throw.
  • Each pack contains 6 Tea Light Candles 1.5 inches in diameter, each with 1/2 Oz. of wax, and burn for approximately 5 hours per tea-light.


Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 15 × 56 cm


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